Windows on Raspberry [version 2.0.0] - 04.09.2020

- New: redesigned user interface

- New: high-DPI scaling

- New: re-enabled GPT support on Raspberry Pi 4

- New: additional config parameters (DismPath, MinDiskSizeCompression, MinDiskSizeFullInstall)

- New: mention Raspberry Pi 2 rev 1.2 as a supported ARM64 target

- Updated: translations

- Updated: 3rd party libraries

- Improved: UI elements

- Improved: locale detection

- Improved: exception handling

- Improved: language file structure

- Improved: application logging (logs are now stored in a separate directory)

- Fixed: the partition scheme can be changed on a FFU image

- Fixed: installation fails when using GPT-partitioned FFU images

- Fixed: disk 0 is hidden (it's not always the main drive)

- Fixed: wrong UI size when the OS language is set to Korean

- Removed: support for Windows builds older than 17763 on the Raspberry Pi 3 (deprecated UEFI)

- Removed: default RAM limit on Raspberry Pi 4

- See the pre-releases below for a complete changelog of version 2.0.0

Windows on Raspberry [version 2.0.0-alpha.3] - 12.05.2020

- New: drag and drop support for the required binaries

- New: option to enable/disable the Windows Recovery Environment (it's disabled by default now)

- New: "reset to defaults" button on the Configuration page

- New: warning messages are shown when performing actions that could break the installation or make the device malfunction

- New: moved the Memory limit setting to a separate Advanced tab on the Configuration page

- Updated: German translation

- Updated: Traditional Chinese translation

- Updated: Polish translation

- Updated: Turkish translation

- Improved: language file structure

- Fixed: ISO image is not unmounted in some cases

- Removed: support for raw UEFI firmware images (only ZIP packages are allowed now)

Windows on Raspberry [version 2.0.0-alpha.2] - 05.05.2020

- New: experimental ARM32 support (Raspberry Pi 2 and 3)

- Updated: Polish translation

- Fixed: missing translation on the Select Image page

- Fixed: FFU metadata parsing bug

- Fixed: minor UI bugs

- Removed: GPT support for the Pi 4 (until the bootloader will natively support it)

Windows on Raspberry [version 2.0.0-alpha.1] - 02.05.2020

- New: experimental Raspberry Pi 4 support

- New: support for the upstream UEFI (available on Windows builds >= 17763)

- New: patch the GPT disk using raw disk access (drop dd, etcher_cli, GPT.img)

- New: moved the drivers package to Github

- Updated: 3rd party libraries

- Updated: Italian translation

- Updated: Traditional Chinese translation

- Updated: Korean translation

- Improved: exception handling

- Improved: language file structure

- Fixed: crash due to unhandled exception in the Process wrapper

- Fixed: opening two instances at the same time will break the application

- Fixed: minor user interface bugs

Windows on Raspberry [version 1.5.2] - 01.10.2019

- New: Portuguese translation

- Updated: Korean translation

- Updated: Ukrainian translation

- Updated: Simplified Chinese translation

- Updated: Hungarian translation

- Updated: Czech translation

- Fixed: detection of compact FFU images

Windows on Raspberry [version 1.5.1] - 02.09.2019

- Updated: Ukrainian translation

- Fixed: some background processes may leak if the program is force closed during the installation

- Fixed: standard FFU images (created for 16 GB or larger disks) can be installed on devices with less space (resulting in a failure later in the process)

Windows on Raspberry [version 1.5] - 29.08.2019

- New: support for Windows Full Flash Update (FFU) images

- Updated: 3rd party libraries

- Updated: Simplified Chinese translation

- Updated: Ukrainian translation

- Improved: user interface

- Fixed: the logger window can't be re-opened when closed from the taskbar

Windows on Raspberry [version 1.4] - 16.08.2019

- New: automatically download the required binaries (drivers package and UEFI)

- Updated: German translation

- Updated: Simplified Chinese translation

- Fixed: ESD image support regression

- Fixed: the main window can't be minimized using the taskbar

Windows on Raspberry [version 1.3] - 02.07.2019

- New: etcher-cli support for flashing the GPT image

- New: re-enabled the GPT partition scheme on ARM64 machines

- Fixed: minor configuration bug

Windows on Raspberry [version 1.2] - 01.07.2019

- New: partial Windows 10 ARM64 support (the GPT partition scheme is disabled)

- New: check for updates on startup

- New: "Copy to clipboard" button on the Logs window

- New: 64-bit support

- Updated: English translation

- Updated: Romanian translation

- Improved: application logging

Windows on Raspberry [version 1.1] - 20.06.2019

- New: detect system locale and change the default language accordingly

- New: Ukrainian translation

- Updated: Czech translation

- Updated: German translation

- Improved: language file structure

- Improved: user interface

Windows on Raspberry [version 1.0.3] - 19.03.2019

- New: Traditional Chinese translation

- New: French translation

- Updated: Russian translation

- Updated: German translation

- Updated: Czech translation

Windows on Raspberry [version 1.0.2] - 23.02.2019

- Fixed: some translated strings don't fit into the buttons/warning note box

- Fixed: the info box on the progress page is still visible if the installation fails

- Fixed: encoding inconsistency (Korean / Japanese translations)

- Updated: Simplified Chinese translation (thanks @nyaruko)

- Updated: Russian translation (thanks @beeoss)

Windows on Raspberry [version 1.0.1] - 17.02.2019

- New: support for the new device drivers (USB and Ethernet)

- Fixed: the info text box on the setup overview page can be selected

- Fixed: the name of the windows (MainWindow, LoggerWindow...) is not updated

- Updated: the note on the image selection page

- Updated: Polish translation (thanks @Gotard)

- Removed: USB-related warning notes

Windows on Raspberry [version 1.0] - 07.01.2019

- New: Windows Imaging/wimlib progress reporting

- New: report the installation progress to the Windows taskbar

- New: option to select the Windows edition to be installed

- New: warning message when attempting to close the program while an operation is in progress

- New: directly use the WIM/ESD file from a mounted ISO image

- New: option to restart the installation process if it fails

- New: white Welcome page image & custom icon/logo

- New: redesigned "Installation overview" page

- New: About window

- New: added the following translations:

- Improved: application logging

- Improved: exception handling

- Fixed: installation of non-ARM64 Windows builds is allowed

- Fixed: graphics flicker when starting the program

- Fixed: selection of the first storage drive (Disk 0) is allowed

- Fixed: some UI elements (info text boxes) can be selected and the blinking cursor becomes visible

- Fixed: the UI freezes when the list of disks is loading or when the installation process begins

Windows on Raspberry [version 0.2.4] - 19.10.2018

- New: added the following translations:

- Fixed: the program crashes on 32-bit builds of Windows when using wimlib-imagex

Windows on Raspberry [version 0.2.3] - 28.09.2018

- New: support for ESD images

- New: Hungarian translation (thanks @Googulator)

Windows on Raspberry [version] - 16.09.2018

- Fixed: DISM fails to add the drivers from the temporary path

Windows on Raspberry [version 0.2.2] - 15.09.2018

- New: added the following translations:

- Fixed: DISM/wimlib fails when a path has spaces

Windows on Raspberry [version 0.2.1] - 26.08.2018

- Fixed: sometimes the temporary folder is not entirely deleted on exit

Windows on Raspberry [version 0.2] - 11.08.2018

- New: support for 8GB SD cards (using wimlib-imagex LZX compression)

- New: added the following translations:

- Improved: exception handling

- Fixed: Windows first boot error on a MBR disk

- Fixed: the boot files are downloaded every time an UEFI firmware is selected

- Fixed: "Save this configuration on exit" switch issue

Windows on Raspberry [version 0.1] - 21.07.2018
First version